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April 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Spring everybody. While the calendar says it's Spring, unfortunately the weather hasn't caught up (here in Brooklyn anyway fuhgeddaboutit).

To help celebrate the coming warm weather, this months blog will discuss a Coney Island image I made. The most famous icon of Coney is that venerable old wooden coaster the Cyclone. How many of youze guys ever rode this mind scrambler?. I remember hot summer days as a kid in Brooklyn, after playing stickball all day we usta walk to Coney to ride this great ride. First car was a must. If we missed out on the first car just waited till the next ride.

Anybody that has ridden this ride and those of you who stood by waiting for your friends to come off it (I'm not calling you chicken but...) and have heard those cars crash as they rushed by and heard the screams of the riders have felt the power of this icon.

My intention in this image was to convey the sense of power of this image. In working this image in post I also tried to imbue it with that feeling all us riders had as the cars clanked up the first hill and seemed to pause before it rushed down that famous precipice.  Wow what a rush!!!


I always shoot in color then let the image take me where it wants to go in post (Photoshop). In this case I turned it into a black and white image (duh). I chose this point of view to make the image imposing and give the viewer a feeling of the power, attributes I feel this ride has in spades.

With a bum ticker I can't ride the Cyclone anymore but I go down to Coney a lot now a days mainly for a Nathans gourmet feast (nothing better than a Nathan's dowg with mustard and sauerkraut and of course a side of cheesy fries. Now that's some good eating, not as good as Brooklyn pizza (da best pizza in da universe, eat your hearts out Chicago) but still good. 

Speaking of pizza, in my 25 years of military service I had the dubious "good" fortune of being stationed in California for 6 years while my kids were little. I usta take them to this place called Chunky Cheese. It had kiddy games and rides and "pizza". Their favorite was Cheddar pizza (Gag Retch) which was basically ketchup on a large cracker with cheddar cheese (hey little kids are brain damaged and will eat anything). They never understood why I never ate any of it. If it was up to me I would of thrown the cook  in jail for false advertising but hey they were Californians. Whadda they know from pizza anyway  fuhgedddaboutit.

Speaking of pizza (which has absolutely nothing to do with Coney Island but its my blog) below is a picture of the cosmos' best Pizza and a weekly staple in the Esposito home. Its my favorite from the best pizza joint Brooklyn, a Sicilian pie from Trio's on Ave U and East 19 Street.


If there aren't 5 pizza joints within a ten block radius of where you are then you aint in Brooklyn.

Well that's it for this month. Tawk to youze guys next month




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