From the Ashes

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March 2016

From the Ashes II in oilFrom the Ashes II in oil

From the Ashes

Hey ya know, what can I say that the title doesn't? Theresa (my wonderful wife) my Nikon and I were at the WTC memorial last summer and well let me say it was kinda emotional. If you never made a visit there let me tell you there's sorta a subdued air about the entire site, no loud talking no laughter and even kids were subdued. In walking around this site the gem of a composite grew in my addled brain which resulted in this composite.

In creating this image I was filled with anger, the anger that I assume most Americans feel that a rather large group of deviants could harbor so much hate as to dedicate their lives and the lives of their children to such hateful genocide.

I was also filled with visions of the Phoenix rising from the ashes in all its glory reborn and more powerful. This gave me hope and pride, Pride in an America that not only survives but rises from those ashes even more glorious and powerful than before.

Tolkien in his great tome Lord of the Rings put it much more betterful than this verbally challenged Brooklynite could ever do when he wrote the lines ....

From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king.

So there you have it, the back story on this image. Let me know your thoughts (go ahead I can take it).

Along with the oil painting type treatment I did (the top image) I also processed this image in B&W and in straight color. Below are those other treatments. Let me know in your comments which one works best for you. Personally I like the oil look the best

From the Ashes IIFrom the Ashes II From the Ashes II in B&WFrom the Ashes II in B&W

Well that's it for this month. I hope youze guys enjoyed my ramblings. and I sincerely hope you come back next month for another grammarly challenged diatribe.



So beautifully put. The anger and the hurt is always there to some degree. But even stronger is the hope and love we have for our city and so we are not bogged down with bitterness. I remember after the event, officials asked for volunteers to help out and the next day they announced there were so many volunteers they had to turn people away. The bravery and the love for our city was so beautiful, I was overwhelmed. Your photos reflect that love, strength and beauty. (Love You :) )
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