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Joshua Harrison(non-registered)
Hello Phil! I've been following you for a while on facebook. I really do like your work. I'm also a photographer and I'm getting ready to start my page or re open it on facebook. For a while I had almost given it up, but through the encouragement of a few friends and coming across your site again, I've decided that I would give it another try. I know that being an artist is not always easy, but it sure is worth following after your dreams. Your work is so lovely. I look forward to keeping up with you!
Keva MacGregor(non-registered)
I always enjoy viewing your wonderful work. My favourites are your artistic images. You sure have diverse skills and vision. Meticulous, well crafted and creative!
Thomas Ramirez
I think it is awesome that Phil supports Wounded warriors foundation
Beatrice Narcisco(non-registered)
Your artwork is so very beautiful! I always feel like I am back in Sheepshead Bay. Thank you so much for the service you've given to our country and for helping out the Wounded Warriors Project, as well. Happy Holidays <3
Keva MacGregor(non-registered)
Fantastic work here, outstanding shots!
Clifford Gadye(non-registered)
I greatly enjoy all of your artwork. It is awesome and you are very talented. Thanks for posting your work of our hometown, Sheepshead Bay
Paul Berger(non-registered)
Your work is absolutely wonderful. And, from one Bay guy to another, thank you for your service.
I enjoyed viewing your work. The Brooklyn Diner really caught my eye! Awesome style!
Dave Bosse (Images by Dave)(non-registered)
enjoyed viewing your work... fantastic photograph
debbie Gray
Great website!! Looking forward to following your work!!
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